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"If Celia Gondol’s research had to be defined by a single term, it would be "gesture".
The gesture understood as the physical movement of the body : gestures of dance, rituals, interviews, or attention. But also "LA geste", this time feminine, designating these poetic tales that once sang heroic exploits.
These heroic times that Celia Gondol sings in many of her works are those of the beginnings of the universe, the birth of the cosmos and the ordering of matter.
In this sense, cosmogony and cosmology form the backbone of her research.
In the order of narrative, cosmogony tells the origin and destiny of the universe in a way that mythological. Cosmology is concerned with scientifically describing the physical laws that govern the universe. We rotate because the earth rotates on itself, at the same time as it rotates around its solar star. But even more, we are turning because our galaxy - the Milky Way - is also turning on itself, sliding towards a great invisible attractor, at the dizzying speed of 630 km/s. The dance of celestial bodies also regulates the dance of our own bodies.
It is these speeds, movements and dimensions that escape our daily scales and representations that the artist places at the centre of his questions.
Primordial language, voice and song are also crucial in her recent research. Her performance reflects her interest in our ability to transmit a signal, to perceive it attentively, and to reproduce it faithfully or interpret it more freely. It assumes the revealing power of the anomaly, which can sometimes lead to new discoveries and knowledge.
Celia Gondol regularly collaborates with other artists, or with scientists, to create forms that are in constant evolution, as unstable and moving as galaxies."
Hélène Meisel - art historian, curator at Centre Pompidou METZ

Célia Gondol is visual artist and professional choreographer/dancer based in Paris.
She performed in the « 73e Edition - Avignon Festival » and the Verbo Festival in São Paulo, Brazil. She recently exhibited at the CNAC - Le Magasin in Grenoble, the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) in Villeurbanne, La Criée / Frac Bretagne in Rennes, Sogn & Fjordane Art Museum in Norway, at the Hermès Ginza Forum in Tokyo and at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris with the Hermès Foundation following her participation in artist residencies of the Foundation under the sponsorship of Ann Veronica Janssens. In October 2018 she presented a solo exhibition at the MONTEVERITA gallery in Paris. In 2017 she participated in the Do Disturb performance festival at the Palais de Tokyo and Verbo at Galeria Vermelho in São Paulo, Brazil, and exhibited for Salon de Montrouge and the Emerige Revelation Award.

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